More than 15 years after starting with one client, a hope and a dream, Groundworx has grown into a full service marketing and communications firm. Web Design and Maintenance, Graphic Design, PR, Marketing Strategy and Communication ... we can provide a full spectrum of solutions to match all your marketing requirements.


Our logo, featuring a Nautilus shell, represents the perfect proportions of a Fibonacci spiral.

Used frequently in excellent design, and occuring in nature (think pinecones, sunflower seeds and the cochlea of the human inner ear), this mathematical marvel has also come to represent infinity.

We like to develop relationships such as these with our clients: ongoing, open, and covering all aspects of marketing.

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We provide a range of marketing services to help assist you in making your working day easier. As a full service firm, we’re committed to fulfilling your marketing, public relations and development needs through our innovative, integrated approach. We work as a creative team to develop your specific message and strategy. And since we love what we do, we have fun doing it and it shows in the quality of our work. Our clients range from established, large organisations to not-for-profits, schools and small startups. We know what we do well – helping organisations maximise their marketing and development potential by focusing on their overall branding and messages.

Web Design & Maintenance

Our goal is to create and maintain well designed websites. Working with you we will create an attractive, informative and functional site that exceeds your expectations and meets your business objectives.

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Graphic Design

Our in-house Art Department is ready to design innovative work that uniquely expresses your brand and message. We’ll develop a unique look, easy to follow graphic standards and oversee all print and web production.

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PR & Communication

Strategic communication and social media are key to our effort to make you successful. Effective communication requires an innovative combination of traditional communications strategies and social media.

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Marketing Strategy & Budget

Once you know what you want to say, the next step is to figure out how to say it – that’s where strategy comes in. Sometimes its hard to see the wood for the trees, and when you’re involved in the day to day running of your company…

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Corporate Identity

At some point in time, the word “branding” began to be used interchangeably with “logo”. While brands are far more than logos, for many marketers the discipline of creating visual identity has been reduced to mere ornamentation.

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Event Management

The thought of putting on an event or roadshow is can make even the most seasoned marketing professional want to run for cover. Never fear, we are here!

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Creative Marketing Solutions


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