Corporate Identity


At some point in time, the word “branding” began to be used interchangeably with “logo”. While brands are far more than logos, for many marketers the discipline of creating visual identity has been reduced to mere ornamentation.

Corporate and brand identities are an expression and reflection of an organizations’s culture, character, personality, and its products and services – inspiring trust with consumers, employees, suppliers, partners and investors.

Many believe a corporate identity is simply having a recognizable logo that represents the quality and values of their organizations; however, that’s only one piece among many that make up a strong corporate identity. A strong visual identity conveys an organization’s personality and values – and it extends into every marketing medium and tactic.

The aims of creating a professional corporate identity are to:

  • create a single and clear visual identity for an organization, its divisions, its services and products / brands;
  • project an organization as professional, reliable and contemporary organization;
  • leverage the brand equity and standardize a organization’s visual presentation consistently across media applications

We’ll help you to either design a brand new logo, or if you already have one you are happy with, integrate it into a set of recognisable, usable set of marketing elements that will be uniquely yours.